I know you are here and I am very happy.



Why We're Going

Pause, Breath, Friend

Living in society, it is easy to get lost from ourselves. The concrete jungle is first concrete, barely jungle. 

When we commune with nature, we touch the ultimate - we return to the earth and to our selves. When we venture into the outdoors, we can stop. We can stop and we can feel the gentle breeze and the rustle of the grass. We can hear the birds playing in the wind and the sound of water lapping up against the shore. 

We are what we witness, and when we camp we are one with our earth-body. 

Being aware of our earth-body, we can come to touch the healing power, solidity and timeless nature of our planet. We ride the wave, but when we join the earth we are the water too. 

Friend, you are invited to pause and to come practice in nature, for yourself and for our community. Let's take back the word friend! It's not just a button to click. Friending is so much more than that. 

Wake Up - this delicate and beautiful space of self-exploration and youthful vibrance - needs you: your unique presence, your gifts and your energy. We offer community, and at its heart, friendship. So come friend. Come camping. :)